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About Cancun Online

CancĂșn Online is a Mexican Corporation formed in 1995 to create integrated software solutions and web design applications for the tourism industry. A then hatching technology and e-commerce concept lead CancĂșn Online to promote a specific tourism destination and tourism related services and become the pioneer in the market. We rapidly became the standard of comparison and a reference point in the industry by setting the standard in web trends in leading Caribbean and Latin American Resort destinations.

Today we are a lot more diversified. We are constantly looking for new trends and products that are worth developing.

Karla is managing real estate, Bernhard is primarily researching and investigating hydrogen for health.

Karla Sona

Karla is the center of all. She keeps track of the smallest details and makes sure it gets done.


Bernhard is the genius in the company. Anything technical is his responsibility. He is good at keeping everything running.

Omar Spindola

Keeping everything recorded, billed and paid is Omar's key area. He excels at the day by day routines.