Hydrogen for health Bernhard

Research has shown that molecular hydrogen is the perfect anti-oxidant working at the sub-cellular level. It can pass the blood brain barrier, enters the mitochondria and under some conditions even the cellular nucleus.

The positive effects of H2 have been observed in practically all organs: Reduce fatigue, younger radiant skin, enhances nutrient absorption, improves skin hydration, strengthens cellular protection, reduces aging, improves skin tone, better blood circulation, improves muscle tissues and joints mobility, removes toxins, lowers saturated fat levels, aids in lowering colesterol levels, faster recovery from physical workout and more.


This is a high performance oxyhydrogen generator. Expected lifetime 10+ years. 600 ml/ min gas production. Made in the USA.

Hydrogen generator


The complementing gas infusion technology for bath tubs. Saturation level concentrations in hundreds of liters of water.

Hydrogen in bathtub

Fuel Consumption

Hydrogen for vehicles. Depending on the amount of hardware added to these systems, incredible fuel savings of up to 50% are possible. It's a labor intensive operation on each car, but worth every penny when driving every day to work.

Hydrogen for vehicles

Everyone has oxidative stress and will increase his health with hydrogen consumption.

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