Website design classes It's easy to learn today

Let's build the website

Class 1: There are lots of frameworks to get a responsive "any device" website done without a lot of coding. For the courses offered, you don't need to learn css or javascript, although it would help understanding the interactions between websites and browsers. We will build our website structure with bootstrap because it has an easy to understand syntax and hides the complex styling required.

We will explore the basic structure of a HTML page and define the navigation options. We will then assemble the general page design, clone this base templates into all the planned pages and start adding modules to customize the page contents. We will experiment with themes and general color choices. We will create and add a fav icon and use the html validator to check our work.

Cancun Online Logo Goal: You can build functional responsive websites.

Optimize Performance

Class 2: We will optimize images and compress script and style files. We will discuss and implement browser cache settings.

You learn how to use a browser plugin to detect the performance bottle necks in your pages and learn how to fix them.

We will add gzip compression to all html pages and install google pagespeed on your server.

Cancun Online LogoGoal: You can make websites a lot faster.

Search Engine Optimization

Class 3: We will discuss the need of good keywords. You learn the difference between a keyword and it's search-ability and will understand the difference between google impressions and actual web site visits. We will implement the required meta tags and then optimize each page for a specific keyword. You will use the tools that Google offers to interact with the system and confirm that the page is indexed.

Cancun Online LogoGoal: You can make a webpage show in Google searches.


All personal coach classes need to have agreed upon times and dates. In other words, don't be late and let me wait.

  • Required: Bring your laptop. We need a text editor. For the second class you need access to your server.
  • Cost: $350 usd per class.
  • Length: All the time it takes to finish the course.
  • Amenities: All the coffee or hydrogen water you want.
  • Optional: Via skype or any other online communication tool. Screen sharing etc...
  • Continuation: You can choose any web development area and we dive into advanced classes.

  • You get the knowledge how to build effective websites in three classes for the cost of a "hired developer website". Win-win.

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